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MyPowerOfAttorney™ - Sample Document

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

1. Principal and Attorney-in-fact

This is the Durable Power of Attorney for Finances of me, Mr. John Peter Smith, of 123 Main Street, Los Angeles, California, United States.

I, do hereby make, constitute and appoint my sister, Jennifer Jones, of San Diego, California, and my friend, Bob Doe, of Los Angeles, California, as my Attorneys-in-fact to act for me in any lawful way with respect to the powers delegated in Part 6, below.

If all named Attorneys-in-fact die, or refuse, or are unable to act or continue to act, then I appoint my brother, Sam Smith, of Buffalo, New York, to act as my Attorney-in-fact to act for me in any lawful way with respect to the powers delegated in Part 6, below.

2. Authorization of Attorneys-in-fact

My Attorneys-in-fact must act jointly.

3. Delegation of Authority

I grant full power to my Attorney-in-fact to delegate any act or decision to any person as my Attorney-in-fact considers necessary or advisable.

I grant full power to my Attorney-in-fact to substitute and appoint one or more Attorneys-in-fact under him or her with the same or more limited powers, and in his or her discretion to remove this substitute.

4. Effective Date

This Power of Attorney is effective only if I become incapacitated or disabled and unable to manage my financial affairs.

5. Determination of Incapacity

For purposes of this Durable Power of Attorney, my incapacity or disability shall be determined by written declaration of two licensed physicians.  Each declaration shall be made under penalty of perjury and shall state that in the physician's opinion I am substantially unable to manage my financial affairs.  No licensed physician shall be liable to me for any actions taken under this part which are done in good faith.

6. Powers of Attorney-in-fact

On this Durable Power of Attorney coming into effect, I grant my Attorney-in-fact full powers to do anything on my behalf to hold my property, and to invest and manage my property, which full powers include:

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