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Here are just a few of the comments that customers have sent to us, completely unsolicited...

"Great site - I referred my parents and I'm an attorney!"
D. Chandler, Esq.
Denver, Colorado
"I am glad to see that someone has acted upon an idea I have contemplated for some time now. I am very impressed with your service, and having worked in ministerial, estate planning and funeral home work."
R. S. Mayle
Bolivar, Ohio
"What a wonderful website! Thank you very much. I'm passing around your site for others to see. I had never seen it before now. Great concept that fills needs."
R. McNeill
Carpinteria, California
"Really excellent site - truly inspired content and mission - good job... first class."
B. Boyd
Ventura, California
"This website is absolutely wonderful. I always wanted my wishes recorded,& to sit & write it down was very confusing. This website allows you to record everything you want & step by step you are guided through. Most of these things I would have never thought about. Thank you so much for keeping my wishes recorded so that when my time comes, my family won't have to guess or make any hard decisions about what I want & can go through their grieving without being burdened by what I may have or not have wanted."
H. Prichard
Chester, South Carolina
T. Esposito
Brooklyn, New York
"It is very refreshing to find someone who responds promptly and does not try the "hard sell". Thank you again."
C.J. Piantino
Camarillo, California
"This service is invaluable to everyone and yours is set up to make it very easy to get."
B. Sniderman
Los Angeles, California
"I love your site. I have been looking for a site just like this... Thanks and keep up the great work."
Columbus, Ohio
"I found your site and services very easy to use. I'm glad I found you!"
B. Johnson
Buffalo, New York
"(your site) has been a source of great comfort to me…"
B. Waldman
Brooklyn, New York
"I really thank God for you letting people do this. I know it gave me peace of mind... thank you so much for what you have done. God will really bless you a lot."
Toledo, Ohio
"Thank you for making the process of drawing up a will so easy."
M. Russell
Bridgeport, Connecticut
"Thank you for your assistance and thank you as well for a most appreciated site."
J. Ma'ly
Chicago, Illinois
"Thank you very much. I love your support and customer service. Thank you again."
A. Bahador
Gaithersburg, Maryland
"Wow, Thank you for such a prompt reply!! All organizations should operate that well."
B. Jepson
Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Thank you for your help this is a nice site. I would recommend it to others. Thank you."
G. L. Burghduff
Kalispell, Montana
"Thank you for your help... I appreciate your promptness. Many thanks. I think your services are GREAT."
D. Oringer
Brewster, Massachusetts
"I'm very impressed with your service. It's very well organized and planned out. Thank you."
K.. Weddle
Independence, Missouri
"Thank you for putting up such a wonderful site!"
Catherine P.
Pipestone, Minnesota
"This site is amazing, it is exactly what we needed. Thank you."
J. Smith
New York, New York
"Your website is a blessing... thank you very much."
J. Angelica
New Fairfield, Connecticut
"Thanks for this Wonderful site."
L. Tilley
Blairs, Virginia
"I think this is really cool to do because you don't know when you're going to go."
A. Guzzo
Whiting, Indiana
"Well, I've just joined. And so far, I have found everything very easy to use! So wonderful! I especially like the messages I can write now; and they will be delivered "later". This... is the easiest and private way of conducting my affairs as it concerns my death, which we all have to face. I will be returning and updating my information, wills, messages, et al, for quite some time. I thank YOU... for offering such a service."
J. Cupp
Wheeling, West Virginia
"You are wonderful. I will be referring you anyone I know who needs your services. Thanks again."
P. Lewis
Lakewood, Colorado
"My wife and I really like the web-site and the features that you offer.  We have had Wills and Powers of Attorney prepared by attorneys in the past and your service is much more flexible and enjoyable!"
J. Hughes
Marana, Arizona
"I recently completed and paid for my personal Last Will and Testament. Good job on the site, explanations, and end product!  Many thanks for this terrific service."
J. Harry
Rumford, Rhode Island
"I think that this site is very useful. I am very pleased with everything that was offered to me. I am now not afraid of dying knowing that I have documented each and everyone of my last requests. Thank you very much for being so helpful."
J. Haversack
Clearfield, Pennsylvania
"This is a great service. I found it on the Internet as I was looking for information on Wills and it just had everything in it that I wanted to state in my Living Will. It is great!!! Thank you."
C. Davis
New Concord, Kentucky
"This Company is very reliable and trustworthy and very easy to do business with. The service they provide is exceptional and I would highly recommend it to anyone, and already have to my friends and family members. Some are already using it."
G. Brinkley
Decatur, Illinois
"I am in the process of preparing a couple of wills. You services look great, even better than Legal Zoom."
C. Giordano
"Just wanted you to know that my wife and I used your services to prepare our wills (which replaced severely outdated wills), power of attorney, etc. We couldn't be more pleased with the ease of using your service. Additionally, your instructions for signing, etc. were MUCH more complete, comprehensive and legally binding than were the attorney-prepared documents that we previously relied upon. All of that, plus your VERY reasonable pricing structure makes it a deal that NOBODY should refuse!"
D. Haigh
Sanford, Michigan
"I would like express my deepest thanks for your service. About 7 years ago I spoke to my brother about having a will and how serious it was to have one in place. After a great deal of talking I finally got him to agree. At that time my brother, myself & husband all created our wills. Circumstances changed and so we all updated our wills using once again your service. We also added the living will & funeral wishes. My brother suddenly became ill this past October. He was put on life-support. His living will spoke for him, saving us all from the heartache of having to make a final decision. Sadly at the age of 56, three days after being admitted to the hospital he passed away. Because of his living will I live with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that all of his wishes were respected and carried out. I'd like to express my deepest thanks for providing this service. I can only add that I wish that everyone could see how important it is to have a will and a living will. Having a will, living will, power of attorney etc. should be quite simple for all, do it for the love of their family."
"Overall, we found your website easy to navigate. You have an excellent website, and we're happy to recommend you to our readers!!"
K. Kurimski
San Francisco, California
"Now that I've tested out the various services, my partner is subscribing, too. I've reviewed the other similar services and yours seems by far the most complete, user-friendly & value-for-money out there."
M. Fuka
Gainesville, Florida
"I am an attorney and am preparing this will for my wife, Sonja. In that my area of legal specialization is other than wills and trusts, I appreciated this excellent format. It is easy to use and very complete."
D. Ellis, Attorney at Law
Portland, Oregon


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