Here is a list of the services we provide.

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Here is a list of the services we provide here at  We will be adding more exciting new services in the future, so check back often.

We are also very open to feedback and suggestions, so feel free to use the Feedback form to submit your comments.

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MyWill™ - Write a Last Will and Testament

Chances are you don't have a Will. If you do, when did you last update it?

Here you create your Last Will and Testament, custom-made for your local jurisdiction. This lets you describe how you wish your estate to be distributed.

Who will care for your children?  Who inherits your house, your money, or your prized baseball card collection? Our online wizard will step you through answering these very important questions, and more.

All questions are written in plain language, so you don't have to be a legal expert to create your own Will.

There is also plenty of supplementary information to help answer all of your questions.


MyLivingWill™ - Specify Your Health Care Directives

It is important to dictate your preferences regarding any medical treatment that you will receive in order to prolong your life, when death is inevitable.

Medical staff are obliged to preserve a patient's life without necessarily considering the financial or emotional concerns of the patient or their loved ones.

Specify what medical treatments should be withheld or attempted if you are unable to communicate your wishes yourself.

This service allows you to create your Living Will (also called a Power of Attorney for Health Care), custom-made for your local jurisdiction.


MyPowerOfAttorney™ - Create a Power Of Attorney

What will happen to your financial affairs if you become incapacitated? Everyone should have a valid Power Of Attorney. lets you name a trusted person to handle particular personal or business matters as specified by you.

You can also determine when this role will come into effect.


MyExpatWill™ - Write an Expatriate Will

Do you have assets in Canada, the United States, England or Wales, but live in a different country? Or do you live in Canada, the United States, England or Wales, but already have a Will covering your assets in your home country?

The MyExpatWill™ service steps you through a series of questions in a "wizard" format.  All questions are written in plain language, so you don't have to be a legal expert to create your own Expatriate Will for the property that you hold in a foreign country.

You simply answer the questions, complete the details, and we automatically and instantly format a document that forms the basis of a legal Expatriate Will, custom-made for the local jurisdiction where your property is held.

There is also plenty of supplementary information to help answer all of your questions.


MyLifeLocker™ - Store your important personal information

Store personal information critical to be passed on to your family and Executor.  Keep all of your important information documented in one place, so that your Executor and Keyholders® can administer your estate easily and effectively.  Anyone who has to organize, manage and safeguard personal information will find MyLifeLocker™ invaluable.

The work of an Executor is challenging.  They must gather your assets and contact the important people in your life.  It is important that your Executor can find all of your assets including bank accounts, possessions, property, and even online accounts.  You can make this task easy by tracking this information in MyLifeLocker™.  Store your important information securely and nominate Keyholders® who can access the information at the appropriate time.

MyLifeLocker™ is the perfect solution.  First, it puts everything important to you in one central place, so that no matter what happens, all your life details are located in one spot.  Secondly, having MyLifeLocker™ gives you incredible peace-of-mind.  Those hundreds of little details swirling around can be retrieved easily – whether it's by you today or tomorrow, or by someone close to you at some point in the future.

MyLifeLocker™ creates a safe repository of your important personal information.  Enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing that if something happens to you, your family can easily find the information they need.


MyVault™ - Upload your important digital assets

Do you have a spreadsheet that includes all of your accounts and passwords? Maybe you have been working on a novel, or have some family recipes. Perhaps you have photographs of your great grandparents. Do you have copies of your insurance policies and deeds to your property?

There are countless legal, personal and financial "digital assets" that need to get to the right people at the right time (and not before). You can do this using MyVault™.


MyFuneral™ - Document Your Funeral Wishes

Do you wish to be buried or cremated? In which cemetery? Where would you like your ashes to go? Open casket or closed? Who do you want to be there? Would you prefer people to celebrate your life, or reflect on your passing? How do you feel about organ donation? How much should be spent?

Don't force these decisions on a loved one at a time when they are emotionally vulnerable. Specifying your funeral wishes is a thoughtful act.

Let us worry about getting your wishes to your designated friend or family member when the time is right.


MyMessages™ - Prepare Final Messages

Chances are you will not have an opportunity to share some final thoughts and make any important statements before you pass away.

You might want to express thanks to people who influenced your life, share some secrets, or tell people what you really thought. Do you have a secret that should only be discovered after you have gone?

Every member can write messages to their family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. You can even choose the media and delivery method of your choice. They are then released by your Keyholder® at the appropriate time.


MyKeyholders™ - Specify Your Personal Keyholders®

Every member designates one or more "Keyholders®" who have the power to unlock the information stored by them on this site.  Each Keyholder® is provided with a unique encryption key ID known only to the member.

Due to the secure method used to encrypt all of the data stored on our servers, we are unable to retrieve any data written by a member without the above Keyholder® ID.  The member is the only person with knowledge of this information and they must be sure to communicate it to each of their Keyholders®.  This technique ensures the utmost protection of the security and privacy of the sensitive information left here by our members.

MyProfile™ - Maintain Your Membership Information

All of your personal membership information is just a click away.  Use this service any time information such as your name, address, or email address changes.  Your important documents such as your Last Will and Testament are updated automatically.

MySecurity™ - Specify Your Security Settings

Using this service you can specify security settings for your information. To prevent unauthorized or premature access to your wishes, we can automatically notify you the instant that one of your designated Keyholders® logs in and/or unlocks your wishes. 

You can also specify a delay of any number of hours or days before the information is actually unlocked and made accessible to your Keyholder®.  This gives you time to disable access to your information should your privacy or security ever be compromised.

MyWalletCards™ - Cards for your Purse or Wallet

Sure, you've stored all this important information at, but how can you be sure that it is released once you're gone?  The most obvious answer is to ensure that your designated Keyholders® are aware of this information and have the information necessary to unlock it when the time comes.

However, it helps to be safe.  So, if you choose, we can send to you or to your designated Keyholders® one or more wallet-sized cards, to keep in their purse or wallet.  Each wallet card is individually custom-made to include your name, your Keyholder's® name, and all the information they need to login and access your wishes.

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