The holographic Will

I heard that if I write my own Will out in my own handwriting, I do not need to have it witnessed, is this true?

If a Will is written entirely in your own handwriting, some States do not require that Will to be witnessed. This is known as a holographic Will or holograph Will.holographic will

The trouble is, States vary significantly in their acceptance of a holographic Will. Continue reading

The 4 critical people in your Last Will and Testament

You probably know that your Last Will and Testament is a description of how your estate will be distributed after you have passed away. It gives you an opportunity to recognize the people and organizations that have had an impact on your life and insures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. But beyond the distribution of your assets, this article will highlight four key appointments that are made in your Will.

Your Executor (or Personal Representative)

This person has the responsibility to carry out the instructions in the Will and without a Will the Executor will be appointed by the courts. It’s a difficult appointment to make because you need to find somebody with the organizational skills to collect your assets, file your taxes and provide reports to the beneficiaries.

The Executor has to of course be trustworthy, Continue reading

Advice on the writing of your Last Will and Testament

Since 2001 has offered a service that allows you to prepare your own Last Will and Testament. No lawyer is required, you simply step through the service, print the document and sign it in the presence of two witnesses. For three years we have covered the issues associated with writing a Will in our blog at We have now decided to move this blog and embed it as part of our newly designed website. There are well over 100 articles on our old blog, and we hope that over time we will surpass this on our new blog.

Welcome to our new blog.

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If you have any questions on writing your Will, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be very happy to help you.